• STep 1 - Assess & Measure

    Medical AR recovery

    Expertise and skill set to collect your money on denied claims

    Highlights include:

    • A/R recovery is at a crisis level in the medical world
    • Our “WOW Report”  analyzes client A/R and provides a road map to recovery
    • We clean up outstanding Accounts Receivables, then keep it clean
    • This puts more money in our client’s bank account
    • Increase your monthly revenue with more efficient and effective billing

    What could we do for you?

  • The Problem

    If you’re like most medical practices that we’re talking to on a nationwide basis, I’ll bet that you’re probably owed a lot of money from the insurance companies and Medicare. For a myriad of reasons, they have denied paying your insurance claims. Am I correct; you have money that’s not in your pocket that you wished was in your pocket? Typically, the answer is always ‘Yes’. For a lot of different reasons, your billing people have just dropped the ball or just doesn’t have the expertise to go and get it.

    The Solution

    Decreasing revenue is snowballing into a massive headache for doctors, hospitals, labs and other medical-related businesses. The stress experienced by medical professionals in maintaining a profitable business is unrelenting and getting worse, causing many to wonder just how much longer they can continue. We go to the greatest lengths and expend our greatest efforts to ensure our clients’ satisfaction in entirety. These are not mere words; we have developed this as a culture within our company since inception.


    Our “WOW Report” allows us to build your confidence and trust in our capabilities with absolutely no risk to you!


    We employ a system and detailed process to analyze the insurance A/R, investing significant time and resources, to show you exactly where your current biller or billing company is missing the mark. Within 48 hours you receive detailed information regarding not only why your claims are denied, but more importantly what needs to be done to correct the issues.


    1. Top 10 Revenue Cycle Management Solution Provider for 2019 - August 2019
      • Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine selected mr2 as top tier RCM provider (see attached article). Our selection was featured in their August  2019 "RCM Special Edition" as one of the Top 10 RCM Consulting/Services Companies for 2019. ​
    2. Top 10 Billing and Coding Pioneer for 2019 - November 2019
      • MD Tech Review magazine featured mr2 in their special December edition as a Top 10 Billing and Coding Pioneer for 2019  

    In announcing their selection to MedXPrime, MD Tech Review stated:


    “Our extensive market research team actively tracks various companies offering medical billing and coding solutions/services across the U.S, through several sources such as market reports, industry news, social media, surveys with potential buyers and industry events. Adding to that our evaluation panel and the editorial team follow a decision model that combines standard MCDA (Multiple-criteria decision analysis) methods and also peer recommendations which touch on providing various solutions/services for medical billing and coding. After looking into various solutions/services offered for medical billing and coding in the market our team believes that MedXPrime's exceptional medical billing audit services are setting benchmarks that helped our panel in shortlisting MedXPrime to be featured as one among Top 10 Medical Billing and Coding Pioneers 2019. Your competence in billing and coding assistance, reference documentation and the No-Cost "WOW Report" caught our editorial panel's attention and how your services turn A/R into real bottom-line assets is what made us believe that MedXPrime is one of the top pioneers in the arena.”