• Step 3 - Smart Solutions

    Uncommon employee performance & expense management solutions to help improve your current situation.

    1. Safe Surface Pro - High Grade Disinfectant
    2. Same Day Employee Pay - Instant Access to Wages for Employees
    3. Economic Recovery Plan - Employee Emergency Fund w/ ZERO Cost to Employer/Employees
    4. Proactively Manage Supplier RiskTM - Reduce Exposure to Global Business Risk & Liability
    5. Utility P3 Planning - Maximize Cost Saving Opportunities on All Utilities

    Safe Surface Pro

    High Grade Disinfectant

    Our Germicidal Cleaner is the ultimate weapon for these changing times. This disinfectant is EPA registered as an N1 agent and USDA C1 authorized with a unique formulation that kills the human coronavirus along with HIV, VRE, VISA, CA-MRSA, MRSA, HBV, HCV and Canine parvovirus (CPV) and provides maximum effectiveness a gainst a variety of microorganisms.


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    Same Day Employee Pay

    Pay Employees... INSTANTLY!


    • FULLY FUNDED by Mastercard and can be implemented with less than 5 hours of time.
    • Our program is the ONLY “All-In-One Financial Wellness Plan” available to companies at NO COST! Flexible way to access wages in difficult times for hourly and/or salaried employees.
    • NO PAYROLL CHANGES NEEDED – No need to pre-fund payroll and current payroll process stays the same.
    • Setup Process & Implementation can take minutes. MINIMAL time required and can integrate with time and attendance system.
    • Partnered with leading Payroll providers to ensure a seamless experience for any integrations.
    • Target, Walmart, LifeTime, McDonald’s, Domino’s, Unilever, Comcast and Lowe’s are already taking advantage of this proprietary program.
    • *Our case studies have shown that we can save companies $750,000 for every 1,000 employees.
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    Economic Recovery Plan

    Employee Emergency Fund w/ ZERO Cost to Employer/Employees

    Statistically validated wellness program that improves the health of employees.


    Employer Benefits:

    • $500 average payroll savings, per participating employee per year.
    • Immediate financial impact to your bottom line with NO INVESTMENT.
    • Reduce claims costs by an average of $1,400 over a three-year period.

    Employee Benefits:

    • Opportunity to increase retirement savings, average tax savings of $1,800 per year to fund the IUL policy, with no reduction in take-home pay.
    • Robust Personal Health Dashboard for employee and their family.
    • Mayo Clinic wellness programs with 24/7 Telehealth, doctors, nurses and health counselors, co-pay free.

    Attentive's SIMERP wellness model is based on existing IRS regulations and requirements. Available to companies of all sizes.


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    Proactively Manage Supplier RiskTM

    Reduce Exposure to Global Business Risk & Liability

    WWERA has partnered with GRMS to offer an enterprise wide supplier risk assessment program.


    The Problem

    Supplier risk management is a top corporate objective but identifying and monitoring supplier risk on an enterprise wide basis is a difficult challenge for most companies.


    The Solution

    GRMS' Risk Assessment Programs are designed to assist companies to identify and reduce risk in their supplier base on an enterprise wide basis


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    Utility P3 Planning

    Electricity, Gas, Water, Telephone, Internet, Wireless, Waste & Recycling

    Helps organizations of all sizes maximize cost saving opportunities for all utilities.


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    Other Areas of Impact

    Neuro P3 Planning

    WOTC - Work Opportunity Tax Credits

    Wireless Negotiation