• Customized Water Management Plans

    Option #1 - Customized Water Management Plan

    • Water management, mapping and testing services to ensure your facility is efficient.
    • Reduce energy, water, and man-hours while keeping people safe.
    • Cutting edge research and development, product evaluation, tech support and logistic excellence in water treatment putting facilities at the forefront of safety and innovation.

    Option #2 - Patented Complete Retro-fit Solution

    • Conserve up to 40% of your annual water spend
    • Increase the functionality of your existing fixtures and eliminate waste in your facility
    • Average ROI of less than 2 years


    • Hoover Estates  32% average water savings over 26 months
    • WBL Schools  40+% average water savings over the first 12 months 
    • Best Western MOA  31% average water savings over 28 months (ROI of 16 months)
    • Radison Roseville  30% average water savings over 30 months (ROI of 18 months)